Monday, August 22, 2011

I smell rain!!

Whenever I read the story of Noah in Genesis chapter six I can't help but put myself there in the situation.  Most of the time I've imagined stepping into Noah's wife's shoes.  What would my reaction be if Brad came home one day and told me that God had told him to build an "ark".  The ark here is metaphoric for anything that seems straight-up crazy!  I think the support of Noah's wife can be attributed to a little detail tucked away in Genesis 6:9  "...and he walked in close fellowship with God."  She knew she could trust her husband because she knew he walked with the Lord.  Considering this puts the story into perspective for me, and I am able to say that I would support Brad's "ark" whatever it may be.

Lately though, I have been putting myself in Noah's sandals!  Sure, his family was supportive but that was it!!!  Not another person, not a single friend, no one else ON THE EARTH believed him!  In fact, I imagine they outright mocked him.  They probably took great joy in sitting around laughing about the crazy old man building a boat and claiming his God told him to do it.  The women probably stood around the well and gossiped about his wife and how they pitied her and her loony husband.  But Noah never wavered!  The Bible never records an instance of doubt on his part.  "Did God really say that???"  He had walked with the Lord enough to know His voice.  He knew God's character.  He knew he could trust Him.
Noah could smell rain!!
I, too, have heard God's voice.  Countless times in my life He has spoken, and, although I have not always obeyed without hesitation, I have learned to trust.  There were times when His directives were exciting, times when they scared me to death.  When He said leave your family and friends and move to another state I thought He was crazy!  When He said stop homeschooling I thought I would die.  When He said move your family to Mexico we were scared and our family thought WE were crazy! But in all of these instances, no matter how scared I was, no matter how crazy I thought God was, or people thought I was...
I could smell rain!
It's one of those times in my life when, it's not raining yet, but I'm going public with my "ark"!  Many years ago God put a desire in my heart, a burden for the orphan.  He and I have had an ongoing conversation about it for several years now.  More than once I've been ready to jump in head first and He has held me back.  We've been sitting on the shore together and He has been teaching me things.  I've learned things I didn't even know I needed to learn.  I've learned things I didn't want to learn.  I've given up my will for His.  I've gained even more trust in Him.  I've run off without Him and came back to find Him patiently waiting for me.  I've told Him my plans and how I want this whole thing to work out.  He has patiently listened and lovingly shown me His plan! 
Now, the construction begins.  It's out in the open.  People are becoming aware.  I'm thrilled to death and scared to death at the same time!  He hasn't given me the full blueprint.  He reveals it just a little at a time.  I step out in faith and He reveals the next step.  I have no idea what the finished project will look like, but
I can smell rain!!
I covet your prayers!  Please pray for our family as we emb"ark" (oh that's cheesy!!) on this new adventure.  Pray that we would continue to be led by God and not step out on our own.  Pray for the child/children that He will eventually bring into our home.  Pray for God to be glorified in EVERYTHING we do.


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I absolutely love this post! I love your faith and listening to God's timing. I love that you are beginning this journey toward adoption!

Tracy Ray said...

Ann-Marie, how wonderful and exciting for you!! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on the adventure of Life with God at the front. Let us know if you need anything. We can do all things through God who strengthens us! Much Love and blessings to you

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