Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feeling His Pain

I've got a new notch in my "Mom Belt".  My youngest son underwent major surgery last week. 
Nothing could prepare me for the emotions a mother feels when watching her child endure pain.
Many of my mom friends offered their advice and words of wisdom from their own experiences.  But, like so many other trials of life,
no one can tell you!
You just have to go through it to understand it. 
As hard as it has been seeing Jackson in such a vunerable state, there has been a blessing in it.
God has opened my eyes to what other parents and children are going through everyday!
Oh, what I have taken for granted!
I pray that this will forever change my family and me.
Thank you, Father, for healthy children.
Thank you for graciously giving me a wake-up call.


Elysa Henegar said...

Watching my children endure pain and sitting with them in hospital rooms and doctors' offices always leaves me feeling so very small and rejoicing that God is so very big! Here's to a speedy recovery...

Anonymous said...

I got a new notch in my mom belt also. Watching them take Jackson to surgery left a HUGE hole in my heart. Then watching Brand & Ann-Marie see Jackson in such pain and knowing there was nothing I could do to help them but pray was overwhelming. Not being able to pick Jackson up and put him in my lap and rock him when he hurt... Not being able to pick Ann-Marie up and rock her when she hurt... I work in a hospital every day and try hard not to take for granted the gift of not being a patient here, but I am human. Praise God for the boring things of life... Ann-Marie you are the best mom, wife and daughter, I am so proud of you. I love you so much. Mom

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