Thursday, June 5, 2008

God is sovereign!

Sometimes God reminds you of what REALLY matters. Life just stinks sometimes, but when it does it always gives me peace to know that He is sovereign and ALWAYS in control. When we think of blessings the obvious things always come to mind first;  family, health, food, shelter, and clothing. But more and more lately, I am mindful of His spiritual blessings. He really is transforming me and molding me into His image. I'm so much more aware of His love for me and His Spirit within me. There is a new song out by Third Day..."Call My Name". One line in it says "Call my name, say it now, I want you to never doubt, the love I have for you is SO alive." That is the blessing I have been so aware of lately. HE LOVES ME!! His face lights up at the just the thought of me. His heart is broken when mine is.
When I do something that glorifies Him, He says "that's MY girl!". And knowing this is empowering !! I pray that my life will reflect this love and that when it is finished I will hear those blessed words "Well done good and faithful servant."

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