Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never enough hours!

Focus. That's my word for the week. Why do I have such a hard time with it? Sometimes being a creative person can be a detriment because I believe that with the creativity comes a certain amount of A.D.D.. Can I get an amen? It's like I've got the normal responsibilities of a wife and mother in 2008...love the hubby, spend time with hubby, love and spend time with the children, cook for all, clean for all, laundry for all, taxi the children, keep up with homework , make it to church 3 times a week, keep the family calendar, attend all the activities on the family calendar, keep the family from killing eachother in between the activities on the calendar and, of course, put God before ALL of it! PHEW!! But here's where the A.D.D. comes in. In the middle of all of these responsibilities I have this burning desire to CREATE!! Create anything, just something of permanence that will not have to be done again in 24 hours or less. Something I can hold in my hands and say "FINISHED! I made that!" And in the midst of all the other daily activities there is a constant buzz going on in my head of ideas, things that want to be created. And even when I squeeze out the time to do some creating I have to work very hard to focus on one thing. I've got so many ideas going at one time that I can't pick one to work on. I know people who are the exact opposite. They cannot begin anything new until they have finished what they'v e already started. Oh, how I envy you!! I must have at least 15 different projects started somewhere around here and, I have to force myself not to "start" more until I finish one. This trait has plagued me with guilt for years. But fortunately with age comes an "Oh well!!" attitude. God made me who I am and He loves me that way. By His grace I can become a more focused person, but in the process I will just strive to glorify Him in ALL of my MANY projects!!!

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him." Psalm 62

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