Thursday, June 3, 2010


Aren't naps the Bees Knees!  My eight-year-old, Jackson, still thinks so.  (And, of course, my dog agrees.)   My two older sons gave up naps for good by age three, (but not Jackson!  He would take a nap every day if we would let him.  He comes home from school and we have to race to get his homework finished before he gets too tired.  Then we try to keep him busy enough that he doesn't sit down and fall asleep.  It just makes me laugh because you know that if we wanted him to come home and take a snooze everyday after way Jose!  Jackson is one of those children who is always three steps ahead of you.  The Lord blessed him with a servant's heart. He knows what you need before you do. I often joke that he makes a better hostess than I do!  And I can't tell you how many times his teachers have told me of his "helpfulness" in class.  I just cringe imagining him taking over when he is dissatisfied with her teaching skills. 

So my theory is that Jackson is so busy taking care of everyone all day that by 3:00 he is slap worn out!  So, on some days, (like this one!) I relent and let the Grumpy Bear rest.  Because I know one day soon, I'll turn around and he'll be 18 and won't have time for naps.

I better go...this is making me sleepy!

P.S. Jackson's two brothers tease me that he is never going to move out.  They say that their dad and I will just have to move out one day while he is napping!!  They think they're soo funny!!

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