Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Luxury of Questions

I love the writings of the late Oswald Chambers. Last year Brad bought 'My Utmost for His Highest' and we've been using it as our devotional since then. Of course there are days that I don't even open it, but on the days that I do...WOW! I never fail to be challenged in my faith. Today's passage was no exception. I would sum it up this way...Abandonment to God means "to refuse yourself the luxury of asking any questions."

My middle son, Miller, is a questioner who is never satisfied with simple answers. He wants to know all the details about which most of us don't even care. In fact, my husband and I often joke that when you tell Miller something you better be ready to answer at least ten questions on the given subject. I often feel that I've reached my "legal limit" and tell him, "Okay, enough questions!". When I read this morning's devotional, it occured to me that, at times, I accost God in the same way. (Swallow hard!)

The scenario usually goes something like this: I seek wisdom and guidance from God. I pray for Him to reveal His will in a certain area. He answers my request and I start in with my questions; questions like, "You want me to do what?", "Are you sure, God?" , "But what about this?", "Can I do it this way instead?", "Do I have to do that right now?". I think you get the idea. Although I love the Lord with all my heart and I pray regularly that I will seek His will above my own, I still act like a child sometimes and have to know all the whys, what fors, and hows!

God knows that in my heart I long to live in total abandonment to Him and to refuse myself "the luxury of asking questions." The words of Mr. Chambers hit me hard! But, I am humbled and thankful to know that, unlike me when my child pelts me with dozens of questions, my heavenly Father is infinitely patient.

This whole line of thought is just another of the many fascinating paradoxes I find in God's word. Think of it this way: God wants us to live in complete abandonment without question, but He also tells us to "Ask and it will be given...". When I put the two truths together I realize that if I want a life of unquestioning abandonment to my King I simply need to ASK! How cool is that!!!

Dear Lord,
I ask you to help me to give up the luxury of questions!! Help me to live a life of reckless abandonment to you!
I love you!

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rubyak2009 said...

I love it, Ann-Marie. I have been questioning God's will lately and your thoughts were so timely!!
Love, Cheri

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