Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Fun!!

We had such a nice weekend! Brandon's football game was cancelled because of rain that left the field too muddy. For the first time in months, that meant a Saturday with nowhere we had to go. Did you hear that? I said NOWHERE!!! I started the day off the best way I knew how...I slept until 11:00! I spent the rest of the day doing what I love...piddling. I did a little of this and a little of that and a lot of nothing.

Aside from feeling like we could just breath a little we had a blast watching the boys play. On Friday we took Miller to Dick's so that he could buy himself a "fire starter". You know the little piece of flint that you scrape to make a spark. They sell them in the camping section. Of course, we gave VERY strict instructions as to its use. "Only on the concrete or in the sandbox!!" The mother in me was really rebelling against the whole notion of my beloved ten-year-old starting his own fire. I knew this was more serious than the magnifying glass he usually weilded. But after 12 years with boys I've learned that they just have to do some things. (Although, even as I write this I'm wondering WHY? )

So, after assuring us that he would use caution, stay in the sandbox, and keep his 6-year-old brother out of the fire (roll of the eyes, because the 6-year-old has to be included!), he rushes off with visions of infernos dancing in his head.

I perched myself in my cozy chair and a half which is strategically positioned in front of the window facing the sandbox. What I witnessed over the course of the afternoon cannot be described in words. But what is it they say about pictures?....

These are the days we'll remember...

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